Is this a worm or a fungus – in Sydney, Australia

The TC (my Travelling Companion) spotted this weird and wonderful creature on the Wild Flower Walk at Manly Dam Reserve near Sydney, Australia. We’re intrigued. Is it a worm, or some type of fungus, or something else entirely?

It’s quite long, perhaps 10 to 12 centimetres – compare it with the gum tree leaves also visible in the photo. It’s red with pale cream extrusions at the edges. It’s attached to the vertical face of a step. It didn’t move, even when the TC prodded it gently with a stick.

At first the TC thought it was a fungus. But looking more closely at the photos, we’re leaning towards some kind of worm.

Worm or fungus?

Here is is again, from a slightly different angle. You can probably enlarge the image by clicking it, or by right-clicking and opening the image in the browser.

Worm or fungus?

If you have any ideas about what it may be, please add a comment to this post!


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  1. An update from your faithful worm: Our best bet so far in the quest to identify the above intriguing elongated blob is that it’s a polypore, also known as a bracket fungus. See this conversation on Twitter.

  2. Another update: We returned to the site of the sighting again today. The “thing” has not moved, nor has it changed much. It’s become a tad darker is colour. Conclusion: It is indeed a polypore.
    Yours in faithful search of truth
    Mark Wordsworm
    Travelling Worm Extraordinaire

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