A line of Processionary Caterpillars in Sydney, Australia

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A line of caterpillars, following each other nose to tail – have you ever seen the like? These Processionary Caterpillars were on their way to find food one morning when the TC spotted them. She seemed especially delighted that they numbered 42. We worms are wondrous folk.

The caterpillars are the larvae of the Bag-Shelter Moth, so called because they build themselves a little bag of silk to hide in. Their scientific name is Ochrogaster lunifer. The little hairs on the caterpillars can cause skin irritation, so be wary of getting too close.

A line of Processionary Caterpillars seen from afar:

Caterpillars-in-Line-ManlyDam-20April2014 020_trun

Getting closer:

Caterpillars-in-Line-ManlyDam-20April2014 017_reduced

And closer:

Caterpillars-in-Line-ManlyDam-20April2014 012_reduced

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