Bush-walking in the rain

This is the blog of Mark Wordsworm, the travelling worm. I’m a 25-year-old bookmark and can proudly boast my own Hallmark serial number, 95 HBM 80-1. You’ll probably want to read all about me and my Travelling Companion (the TC) .

Today’s travel notes

The TC is mad. Not raving, just quietly but significantly bananas. This is by now a well-established fact. Nevertheless it bears repeating. In particular, if she invites you out on a walk and says the clouds mean nothing, don’t believe her!

Last week she went walking in the Manly Dam reserve in a rain storm.

My impressions? I do concede that the TC is right when she says the Ozzie bush is beautiful in the rain.

Travel tip

Don’t wear shoes that matter to you. When it rains in the Australian bush, you’ll be up to your ankles in fast-flowing mud within five minutes.

The book I’m in

Blindman’s Bluff, by Faye Kellerman. I’ve moved on a few pages since yesterday. I’m still near enough the middle of the book to feel secure, but it’s getting close to the time when I start worrying that the thickness of pages left is not enough to prevent me warping.

The photos

Me in the Sydney wet. I tend to go to pieces in a storm, and my famous blue raincoat is torn at the shoulder. Luckily I had another effective, if less stylish, waterproof covering with me:

Bush-walking in the rain

Picture this: It’s pouring with rain, all sensible souls are playing couch potato couch potato, but there’s the TC setting off into the bush with her purple umbrella unfurled:

Bush-walking in the rain

It’s not long before she starts ooh-ing and aah-ing at the sights she beholds. The only camera at hand is her iPhone, but she is not deterred. Every photo in this blog post was taken on the iPhone:

Bush-walking in the rain

“Ooh,” coos the TC, “the fairies have strung up their party lights behind an Old Man Banksia”:

Bush-walking in the rain

Raindrops dangle:

Bush-walking in the rain

If you look carefully, you’ll see the spider lurking in the leaf on his rain-spangled web:

Bush-walking in the rain

Don’t expect to stay dry even if it’s not actually raining. Dripping branches bar your way:

Bush-walking in the rain

Rivulets of water make swirling patterns in the sand, echoing the patterns in the rock:

Bush-walking in the rain

Here’s a vista with a rain-lit bush in the foreground:

Bush-walking in the rain

A grass tree in the wet. People also call these plants blackboys or Xanthorrhoea:

Bush-walking in the rain

Raindrops perched on the flower of an Old Man Banksia:

Bush-walking in the rain

A path full of puddles mirroring the trees, with the TC’s somewhat inelegant and extremely sodden foot at bottom right:

Bush-walking in the rain

Two mini waterfalls where there’s usually just dry rock:

Bush-walking in the rain

The “bleeding” gum trees look even more bloody and gruesome when they’re wet:

Bush-walking in the rain

More droplets sprinkled on leaves and flowers:

Bush-walking in the rain

This is the waterfall in the Manly Dam reserve, in full spate after recent heavy rainfall. The TC took this photo today, a week after all the others:

Bush-walking in the rain

That’s all for today dudes.


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  1. Hey Wordsworm,

    You are very tall for a bookmark, you should try and crouch down a little more when you take your photos. I think the slight change in perspective will lead to some awesome results.

    Glad to see you didn’t get wet, and that you had your great little raincoat!


  2. Heh heh, you got me there Juz. I did get down under the subjects of my photos on one bushwalk. The results were pretty awesome, as you surmise: Sydney winter flora seen from down under. This worm will try to remember to crawl at lower levels more often.

  3. Nice one, GREAT wander in the rain. Really glad Bookworm did not get wet and had a chance to take a bushwalk in the rain!

  4. G’day Frank dude, it’s cool to have you hiking past my blog!

    This worm notes that you’re a fairly keen hiker yourself. Congratulations on being nominated for the “3 Best Kept Travel Secrets” project. I’ve had a good look at your three nominations. ‘Tis a difficult choice out of those three. After much cogitation, this worm would choose number 3, the Thorsborne Trail. Number 1 is a no because “It can change lives and gives those that complete it a huge sense of achievement”. As all cool dudes will testify, this worm is already perfect! Number 2 says it all itself: “The only reason [not to do this one] is if you don’t like walking.” Number 3? Well, after yesterday’s close encounter with a praying mantis, nothing can scare this fearless worm, not even the odd croc! 😉

  5. Dear Worm, the TC is not mad. She hails from a place where if the locals wish to bushwalk in winter, they’re likely to get wet. But do tell, does the Aussie bush smell as good in the rain as Cape fynbos?

  6. Hecate: Nothing… beats the fynbos! 🙂 The Aussie bush is beautiful, but not in the same league.
    Having said that, the Eucalyptus smell is very nice and special.

  7. Hallo there Hecate and TCC

    Would you believe it, I haven’t had all that much chance to scent the wondrous fynbos. I did spend a couple of hours on top of Table Mountain last year, which was splendid indeed but perhaps a bit austere. Although I lived in South Africa for 10 years or so, I spent most of my time inside a book. Pressed for time, ha ha. The TC had not yet recognised my value as a travel companion.

    We’ll have to persuade her to walk through some fynbos again some time soon.

    Yours amongst the pressed flowers

  8. Methinks your raincoat was a little too big! Perhaps an extra large condom would’ve been better… TC takes some excellent photos of raindrops, though she really does suffer and causes you to suffer the ignominy of getting very wet in the pursuit of those fine photos.

  9. Hallo dear Rhonda
    Are you comparing this worm to a …ahem, I don’t dare to say the word. 😉

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