Starbucks in Seattle

This is the blog of a 25-year-old bookmark. I proudly boast my own Hallmark serial number, 95 HBM 80-1. You’ll probably want to read all about me and my Travelling Companion (the TC) .

Today’s travel notes

Starbucks are alive and well and living in Seattle. Where it rains.

If you’ve ever been anywhere near Seattle, you’ll know that it’s not hard to find a Starbucks store in that town. In fact, it’s hard not to trip over them at every corner. So the TC was surprised and delighted to see this tweet from a fellow Seattle visitor:

Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks in Seattle

She rushed to his aid, tweeting enthusiastically that the very first Starbucks was just around the corner from where he was sitting. In fact, the hapless tweeter was inundated with helpful suggestions of where he might quench his thirst. His tweet was a joke, of course.

Travel tip

Don’t fight it. When in Starbucks, go for the coffee with everything in it.

Recommended restaurant


The book I’m in

The Girl who Played with Fire, by Stieg Larsson, translated by Reg Keeland.

The TC has just started this book and she’s totally engrossed in it. She does mention that it’s a bit heavy on her hands, so every now and then she finds welts gouged into her skin after a lengthy reading session. This is the second book in the “Millennium” series.

The photos

Me and Peg with a Caramel Macchiato in the original Starbucks coffee shop in Seattle:

Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks in Seattle

This worm felt warm and comfy, surrounded by all that dark wood and shiny soft leather. The TC downed her drink with apparent enjoyment, after the obligatory photo shoot.

Starbucks opened its first store in 1971. After a few years, that store moved to its current location in Pike Place, where the TC found her Caramel Macchiato. Here’s a view of the outside of the store:

Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks in Seattle

This is the sign on the pillar at the door:

Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks in Seattle

The logo on this store is a bit different from the ones you see on other stores around the world. It features a sort of medieval mermaid, inelegantly endowed with two tails. She makes no attempt to cover her breasts with her hair as in later versions, and is altogether a more interesting and more real personality that the later versions. Like me:

Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks in Seattle

This is the logo you see now on most Starbucks stores and packaging:

Starbucks in Seattle

Starbucks in Seattle

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, that’s this worm’s motto.
That’s all for today dudes.


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  1. I see you made a new friend — Carmel Macchiato! (Isn’t that how the US-ians say ‘caramel’?)

  2. Heh. Carmel was gorgeous, sweet and warm-hearted but alas short-lived. I’m holding out for her reincarnation 🙂

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