Cockatoos in Sydney

This is the blog of a 25-year-old bookmark. I proudly boast my own Hallmark serial number, 95 HBM 80-1. You’ll probably want to read all about me and my Travelling Companion.

Today’s travel notes

The cockatoos in the area have discovered the TC. For those who haven’t been following my blog, the TC is She with whom I travel.  She is a soft touch for anything with ffeathers.

In the last week, the TC has been at home in the dying hours of the afternoon. A passing ffeathered ffiend happened to alight on the window sill and tilt its head in what some might call an appealing fashion. The TC rushed off to find some food that might satisfy the bird’s no doubt urgent hunger. Neither the bird nor the TC were experienced in the human-to-avian interface, so there was a bit of inept fumbling. But eventually mutual satisfaction was achieved.

Traveller’s tip

Never trust a bird, no matter how pretty.

The book I’m in

the Visitor, by Jane R Goodall.

Misty eeriness mixed with good solid detective work.

The photos

Me and a cockatoo. You’ll notice that I kept myself well shielded during the entire experience, using a good book as armour against the ffeathered ffiend:

Cockatoos in Sydney

Cockatoos in Sydney

Even I succumbed to the temptation to get just a bit closer. Dude, that’s a big beak:

Cockatoos in Sydney

Cockatoos in Sydney

Are you wondering how Peg has been recently? She’s keeping it together. Her role in the bird-feeding episode was unglamorous but necessary and above all safe:

Cockatoos in Sydney

Cockatoos in Sydney

The other birds in the neighbourhood soon heard about the free food at the TC’s place:

Cockatoos in Sydney

Cockatoos in Sydney

Inevitably, there’s a movie version too. Here’s a cockatoo checking out the action. He’s standing on the roof, sticking his head upside down through the window and looking ineffably daft:

Here’s the ffeathered ffiend as yet not ffed, attempting to look cute and beguiling. His ffriend struts his stuff on the tree behind:

Here’s one bird eating, but looking a trifle uneasy because another is attempting to join the ffeast. You can hear the footsteps clicking on the roof, then bird number two clambers down the window and muscles in on the action:

Not seen enough yet? There’s more on this worm’s YouTube channel.

That’s all for today, dudes.


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  1. That’s so cool! When I was visiting Sydney, I was amazed to see those little guys and girls wandering around the parks. They’re so tame!

  2. just catching up on blogs and this is by far the most interesting post! That’s sooooo cool! 🙂

  3. I think cockatoos are the most beautiful birds in the world especialy the and the umbrella cockatoo

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