Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

I’ll skip the introductions today. If you don’t know me by now, you will never never…. Oo-oo-oo, I almost got trapped in some song lyrics there. Anyway, read my other blog posts or my About Me page if you’re curious about me. And who wouldn’t be?

Today’s travel notes

The Travelling Companion has been playing around in the garden recently, digging and uprooting and planting and generally getting muddy. I have observed her antics from the sidelines, stepping in to suggest the occasional photograph.

It’s struck me just how beautiful we worms are, and our lesser brethren too. So I’ve decided to treat you to some photographs and a movie of us.

Traveller’s tip

If you can’t travel far to find some beauty, try digging around in the dirt instead.

The book I’m in

Troy, Fall of Kings, by David & Stella Gemmell.

Yes, I am still in the same book as last week. The TC has been quite busy, so she has not done much reading. This is a good thing, because it’s a comfortable book.

The photos

Me and Peg in the garden with Dianella.

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

A centipede on a stone tile. This brave brother worm ventured into the Travelling Companion’s kitchen. He is just a common-or-garden centipede, perhaps a couple of centimetres long.

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

The next dude (below) is awe-inspiring. He is a blue centipede, dubbed Scolopendra by some. This one is about 5 centimetres long. Beware, not all worms are as friendly as me. Centipedes are predators, and they can bite humans too. He was safely hidden in the soil amongst the roots of some Agapanthus plants, until he was so rudely uprooted. Here is a good view of his back end at bottom left, with his head disappearing into a hole at top right:

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

He moves fast, this dude, and the TC had trouble getting a good shot. Below is her attempt to capture his head. You can just make out the lighter blue head and the two darker blue antennae at bottom right of this picture:

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

And here’s a video. Alas, the TC did not excel in the making of this movie, but it’s a good laugh as well as giving you some idea of the beauty of the worm. The TC says she didn’t know the video was on, and she was trying to take a still photo. Hah!

Here’s sister slug, aka a tiger slug, a spotted leopard slug and a great grey slug. So many names for such an unassuming creature. I’m making her an honorary worm for this blog post:

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

Centipedes and slugs in Sydney

That’s all for today, dudes.


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  1. Some beautiful photography there!

    I must admit I have a slight obsession with micro-photography. The intense detail apparent in such tiny living things fascinates me.

    Do you have any more that you’d care to share?

  2. Thank you Tim dude. I’ll make sure the TC (she with whom I travel) keeps on clicking the shutter.

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