Surfers Paradise

This is the blog of a 25-year-old bookmark. I can proudly boast my own Hallmark serial number, 95 HBM 80-1. Twenty-five years, and I don’t look a day older than one! Alas, I can’t say the same for my Travelling Companion. I spend most of my time inside a book (well, duh) while my TC sees the world. Read all about me and follow my blog posts to share my experiences as bookmark and travelling worm.

I’ll keep it meaningful. Like a t-shirt.

Today’s travel notes

I’ve spent the last few days in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. That’s in Queensland, Australia, dudes. I spent most of my time tucked away with a book, because the Travelling Companion was working. Still, we did get out and about. The TC is depressingly awake at ungodly hours of the morning.

My impressions? Laid-back luxury.

Surfers Paradise is treacly-beautiful. Chocolate-box stuff. And never mind “Surfer’s Paradise”, it’s definitely a shopper’s paradise.

Did we come away with the mandatory souvenir? Oh yes. Though I have to concede here that we avoided the usual bit of arty attire. Instead, we acquired “Dracula’s Crawling it’s alive! Hand”. It’s noise-activated and comes with an SM-type leash. This souvenir I approve of. It suits the TC to a T.

The Gold Coast is about 45 minutes’ flight from Sydney. We flew Virgin Blue — highly recommended. Straight up, a bit of a swoop around some thundery cloud-peaks, then back down for a fast landing. Do it at sunset for maximum view-value, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Once you’re in the Gold Coast, there are only two things you need to know: “Beach Side” and “Dry Side”. Once you understand that these are the two sides of the Gold Coast Highway, you can get anywhere any time.

We didn’t do the big xxx-world attractions. We did do the “Haunted House”. Clever disorientation techniques, mirrors, uneven flooring and sticky dangling face-stroking bits in the dark had the desired effect on the TC. I was safely tucked inside a book in a bag, but I felt the tremors and heard the hesitant giggles. This is where we found Hand.

Travel tip

A peg comes in handy when you’re travelling. Use it to seal your bag of coffee. Or just to hang out with. Like I’m doing in the photos.

Recommended restaurant

The Tandoori Place, 30 Laycock Street, Surfers Paradise. (Web site.)

Delicious food and winning service.

The book I’m in

Sleep, Pale Sister, by Joanne Harris.

The photos

Me walking on the wild side (Jonathon Livingstone S was a bit close for comfort):

Me with Jonathan\'s footprints

Me hanging out with some fishermen, an ibis, Jonathan and Peg:

Me hanging out with Peg

Me and Peg on Neptune’s chair:

Me and Peg on Neptune\'s chair

Pre-dawn, and nobody is awake but me, the TC and an ibis:

Ibis at dawn

Surfers Paradise (that’s what it says):

Surfers Paradise sign

Dawn over Surfers Paradise:

Surfers Paradise at dawn

The main drag in Surfers Paradise, with Neptune’s chair:

Surfers Paradise main drag

Just some of the shops:

Surfers Paradise shops

Hand — his complete handle is “Dracula’s Crawling it’s alive! Hand”:

Dracula\'s hand

Haunted House (Hand’s erstwhile home):

Haunted House

Q1, the tallest residential building in the world — that’s its claim:


A worm’s eye view

Dawn on the beach:

Write your letters in the sand — a wave washing over a footprint:

Wave over footprint

Other travelogues of note

  • Kamil‘s travel photography blog. Aaaasome, he’s been kite-surfing.
  • Jessicaca found herself in Surfers Paradise during Schoolies week, and left. Oh dear oh dear, you poor thing.
  • Shah thinks Surfers Paradise is Australia’s version of Miami. I’ve got news for you: Miami is but a pale imitation 😉
  • Austin has some golden-hued photos to complement my silvery snaps.

That’s all for today dudes.


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  2. […] Me, Peg and Hand went for a bit of a stroll today. You’ll remember Hand. We met in Surfer’s Paradise, and he has been one of the Travelling Companion’s companions ever since. I wrote about it here. […]

  3. […] There are no photographs of me this time. Sorry to disappoint. I try to avoid appearing in the same space as a bird. On one occasion I did get perilously close to Jonathan, a seagull. There are some pictures to prove it in my blogpost about Surfers Paradise. […]

  4. […] the TC flitted back to Surfers Paradise on the Australian Gold Coast last weekend.  We’ve been there before. This time was just a quick hop, to join the TC-once-removed at the end of a week-long […]

  5. [;]OHHHHHHHH really Sorry to disappoint. I try to avoid appearing in the same space as a bird [;]

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