Kangaroo Valley, Berry and Kiama

This is the blog of a 25-year-old bookmark. I can proudly boast my own Hallmark serial number, 95 HBM 80-1. Twenty-five years, and I don’t look a day older than one! Alas, I can’t say the same for my Travelling Companion. I spend most of my time inside a book (well, duh) while my TC sees the world. Read all about me and follow my blog posts to share my experiences as bookmark and travelling worm.

I’ll keep it meaningful. Like a t-shirt.

Today’s travel notes

Yesterday I took a round trip down Australia’s east coast. We started off just north of Sydney and drove through the city, past Wollongong to Kiama, Berry and Kangaroo Valley, then through Mittagong back to Sydney.

My impressions? Just out of Sydney yet so very different.

It’s an easy day’s drive. You’re never more than two hours away from the city, but of course there are lots of unavoidable scenic views, lunch opportunities and shopping stops. These tend to slow you down, so do take them into account. In my experience, your round-trip velocity depends largely upon your companions. My Travelling Companion is a bit of a liability in this respect.

The previous paragraph notwithstanding, I did enjoy the views. There are some good photos below, including some of me suspended in the usual fashion over some breathtaking drop. There was also a bit of wildlife, including those big furry grasshoppers*, your common-or-garden sulphur-crested cockatoos, the wilder black cockatoos, a coupla kookaburras, plus galahs, ravens and butcher birds.

Also along the side of the road was the occasional self-service kiosk, where you can take fudge or potatoes or whatever and leave the money in return. Honesty rocks!

* “Furry grasshoppers” — That’s what we locals call the kangaroos 🙂

A word of explanation: worm or caterpillar?

Some of my readers may be concerned about the difference between a worm and a caterpillar, and in particular you may be wondering which one I am.

In my experience, caterpillars are ephemeral and fickle creatures, apt to take flight when things get tricky. Your humble worm is here to stay.

Travel tip

Never underestimate the return trip.

Recommended restaurant

Berrylicious cafe, 89 Queen Street, Berry.

Excellent hamburgers, a variety of breads and some good options for vegetarians.

The book I’m in

The Radiant Seas, by Catherine Asaro.

The photos

Me suspended over the drop at Bulli Lookout, with Wollongong in the distance. Here’s a tip — if you’re coming from Sydney down the Princes Highway (route 1) towards Wollongong, ignore the first turnoff labelled “Bulli Lookout”. It takes you to a private hotel and an inferior lookout point. Instead, drive past the hotel or take the second turnoff to Bulli Lookout. Anyway, here’s me and the view:

Me suspended over Bulli Lookout near Wollongong

Me waiting for the blowhole to blow at Kiama:

Me at Kiama waiting for the blowhole to blow

FYI, here’s a “duh” moment — a sign next to the blowhole says something like this:

“Danger. Do not go beyond this point. Deep hole and blowhole.”

Me not getting wet:

Me not getting wet

Me at the drive-through bottle store in Berry. Check out the hubcaps on the wall:

Me at the bottle shop in Berry

Kiama Post Office:

Kiama Post Office

Kiama outcrop behind the blowhole, and the blue blue sea:

Kiama outcrop behind blowhole

In the hills approaching the town of Kangaroo Valley:

Hills approaching Kangaroo Valley

More of those hills (do you see what I mean about the TC being a bit of a liability with respect to stopping for photographs of anything that moves or doesn’t move):

Red autumn trees near Kangaroo Valley

Hampden Bridge, outside the town of Kangaroo Valley:

Hampden Bridge near Kangaroo Valley

A worm’s eye view

You’ll see some pictures taken from a worm’s viewpoint in my earlier blog posts too. Now I’ve decided to put this sort of picture in a special section.

Kiama rock looks volcanic, with lots of small cosy holes:

Kiama rock

Autumn leaves in Berry:

Autumn leaves in Berry

Brother caterpillar tripping the light fantastic (on plastic sheeting in Berrylicious Cafe):

Caterpillar in Berry

Hair lichen on a post near Kangaroo valley:

Hair lichen near Kangaroo Valley

That’s it for today dudes.


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